Did you know that DUMBO stands for Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass? If you ever get the chance to visit Dumbo, definitely grab a coffee and breakfast at One Girl Cookies. A cool place to take some pictures and even grab a mini treat!dsc_0081 dsc_0085-1 dsc_0083-1While walking along the water, make sure to stop and snap a shot right where you can see both the Manhattan and Brooklyn Bridge.  It really is a cool sight to see. And if you feel like going wild, or maybe just a kid at heart, Jane’s Carousel is only $2 to ride!img_8964 dsc_0131img_8988img_8989img_9005Don’t forget to stop by Juliana’s for a whole pizza. They say they don’t sell slices, and I say, what’s the problem? With Grimaldi’s just next door, you would think that’s where you need to go. But did you know that Juliana’s is the original Grimaldi’s?  If the line is too long, walk in, order takeout and make your way to a bench by the water. I mean what’s better than spending a beautiful day outside with a beautiful view of the water on an uncomfortable bench eating PIZZA!?

NOTHING.img_9044img_9045And for my outfit of the day… A casual day deserves a casual outfit.  Check out the pictures and details!dsc_0117dsc_0073-1


White Dress shirt from Winners

Jean shorts from Levi’s Double Buckle Belt from Mendocino

White Converse Sneakers

October 10, 2016
October 16, 2016


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    October 13, 2016

    Missing you at fitness class 😢